The Blue Label Challenge

Punch Porn in the Face.

Beat porn by challenging a friend to a high stakes wager. The first one to fail pays the price. Winner takes all. 

For Guys Who Give a Damn

Pick a Wager

Agree on a price that will be paid if the no-porn bet is lost. It can be money, concert tickets, 1,000 pushups, or anything else painful. Just make sure it hurts like hell. 

Pick a Time Frame

Pick a time frame for the bet. It works best if it's a few day period or even a week. Start small and build. Once the time is up, begin a new challenge right away. 

Check in Regularly

Check on your buddy regularly to make sure they aren't looking at porn. No cheating. If anyone cheats, the stakes double (or just give them a swift kick in the nuts).

Emote Your Status

Use emoji's as a top secret language to communicate your status with the challenge discretely. For example: 

🚨 = Red alert!     👎 = Oops, I did it again. 👍 = All good. 

Express yourself with your own variations. 

It works. For realz.

"This challenge is freaking amazing! Since starting the BLC I've been falling a lot less frequently. Something about knowing I have to pay up, as stupid as it sounds, is enough for me to resist going down the road to porn. Plus, healthy competition is always a good thing."
Anonymous Blue Labeler
"Before I took the Blue Label Challenge I was falling once a week at least. After challenging my roommate (we both struggle with porn/fapping) I went three months and my roomate bought be dinner twice and $100 Amazon Gift card. Thanks to whoever's idea this site was."
Anonymous Blue Labeler

Committed AF


other guys punching porn in the face

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